The Scandalous Widow

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Lady Juliet Hampshire is afraid that even her famed beauty will not be enough to entrap a new husband, considering the scandals and rumors that keep plaguing her.

Invited to join England’s espionage network for a simple assignment, she jumps at the chance to get away from London for a spell. But she isn’t prepared for the mission that awaits her – nor is she expecting to partner up with the stony-faced Sir Alistair Chisholm.

Alistair, ex-soldier and now one of England’s best agents, knows that bringing a woman on his mission to Paris is trouble. He is not interested in jeopardizing his perfect mission record – even if the woman in question is the most beautiful he has ever seen.

With dangers and deceptions all around, Juliet and Alistair must put their mutual distrust aside and portray a convincing married couple to the world if their errand is to succeed. But complications to the mission put everyone’s lives at stake – and it’s up to Juliet and Alistair to organize their escape and return to London society, while fighting the attraction that keeps drawing them together.

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The Scandalous Widow
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