Have You Read the Regency Romances?

The Duke Who Deceived

Christopher Patrick Bane, Duke of Price, decides not to reveal to Elanor Huxley, the young woman he rescued from a carriage accident, that he is a Duke – Kit has just come into the title with the death of the cruel father who banished him overseas for a youthful transgression, and he does not want it to color her judgment of him. But as he gets to know Elanor better, he realises he has created a rod for his own back – it is becoming more and more difficult to find the right time.
And when Elanor discovers his true identity by accident, and exactly what his youthful indiscretion was, he wonders if he will ever get the chance to win back her affections.

Rated M

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The Ruined Lady

Lady Felicity Merryweather knows her middling looks and fortune mean she is unlikely ever to marry. But before she settles into a life of dull spinsterhood, she wants one night of passion to remember – no strings attached, no questions asked and no regrets. Her only condition – that the man never ask her to marry him.

Who better to help her than her old friend Quincey, the Earl of Edenburgh? He reluctantly agrees to the tryst, only to find he craves more and more of Felicity’s mix of fiery passion and shyness. Their single meeting turns into a passionate affair.

When Quincey breaks his promise and proposes, Felicity is quick to refuse him, and decides to show London her true colors before she disappears from society.

Now, Felicity is the toast of town – vivacious, talkative and colorful, sought after by the best of hostesses and pursued by the most interesting of men.

But when one of her spurned swains schemes to ruin her reputation, she can turn to only one man to help her – the one man she has been trying her hardest to avoid – the Earl of Edenburgh.

Rated M

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