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Hi! I’m Bree.  I write contemporary and historical/supernatural romance.  Amongst other things.

I’ve always been an entertainer, ever since I was a 4-year old ‘barrellina’.  I love to perform, I love to create, and I have to admit it – I love the applause as well.

I also love to write.  I love to see a story emerging from the words that I craft.  There’s something extremely satisfying about knowing that you have the ability to create something new from the 26 squiggles that make up the English Alphabet.  (OK, and all the grammatical thingamabobs).

After writing a few successful short and long scripts for community theatre, I decided to step back into novel writing.  I have an 18-year old partially completed historical novel that I thought I might finish…

When I went back to write some of it, I realised something.  

I knew bugger all about writing novels.  

There is much more to the craft than just parking your arse and scribbling words down.  Oh, you definitely can do it that way – but weak characters, poor choice of words, and glaring plot holes are the usual result.  I decided to learn the craft of writing.

So I put down my poor, neglected manuscript, and went back to the beginning.

I learned about developing characters, knowing them inside out before you put pen to paper, so that when something happens in the story, you know how they would react.

I learned about point of view, and how messing around with it can leave readers dizzy and confused.

I learned about plotting – well, I learned about plotting, I’m not sure that all of the lessons have sunk in.  I’m good at general plotting, but when it comes to deeper plotting, I kinda stink at doing that.  Ah well, it’s an ongoing process.

I decided to write a series of three contemporary romance novels, to hone my techniques, and I figured writing something in the present day would be easier than writing something set in an historical time.

Ha! It’s just as hard, believe me.  But I battle through, and hopefully at the end I’ll have some books I can be proud of, and that you can enjoy.

I hope you enjoy.  I hope you laugh out loud.  I hope you follow, and get all your friends to follow too!! Most of all, I hope you read my books as they are published – a book with no audience is a sad, sad creature.  Please don’t let my books become sad, sad creatures.  I beg of you.

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