Curveballs Aplenty – Lowest of Lows to the Highest of Highs

This past two weeks has got to have been one of the most emotionally topsy-turvy of my life.

For Sale by cooldesignFirst of all, we took the heart-wrenching decision to cut our losses, and sell our house to cover all of our debts. There is something so tragic about working so hard to accomplish something so big, and then part way through, having stuff happen over which you have no control, that decimates all your hard work.

With us, it was life-changing illness, and a business that didn’t quite go as well as expected. We’ve been struggling along for a little while, but it’s finally reached the point where we can choose to sell the house, or stop eating.

Eating is kind of a priority to me.

So we pulled up our trousers and went to the bank and spoke to the bank manager like grown ups. Mortgage, business loans, credit cards. Income doesn’t cover expenses. Little chance of recovery any time soon. Yada yada yada. Bottom line, sell the house.

The bank were surprisingly accommodating about it. We told them we have some cosmetic changes to make to the house to make it more appealing for sale, and they gave us six weeks mortgage relief, and asked us to let them know when it went up for sale. They told us if we weren’t quite done by then, we could talk more. They also asked us if we wanted to put the business loans on hold at the same time. I have to say, dealing with the bank was as painless as it could be, considering the circumstances.

We came home, a little relieved, and wrote down a list of all the things we still have to do. Who ever would have thought that a ‘fixer-upper’ would have so much stuff to fix up! We wondered exactly how we could possibly get through all the stuff we need to do when there are only two of us, and I’m practically useless with physical labour (ie: one to two hours of it will put me to bed for two days straight.) We were in the depths of despair. Anne of Green Gables had nothing on us.

So, then I sat down the other day, cap in hand, and wrote to everyone I knew on Facebook, asking for help.

Social Network by jscreationzs

I have never experienced such an outpouring of generosity, fellow feeling and humanity. People came out of the woodwork. Friends, yes, but also people I only know via Facebook, people I’ve only known for a very short time, and even complete strangers offered their help. We have been inundated with offers of help, maybe even more than we can use! (We haven’t said no to anyone, I’m hoping we can keep everyone occupied!) PS: I’m sure we can keep everyone occupied.

I’ve been in floods of tears over the amazing response from people, offering time, money, tools, food… and of course our promises to repay have all been met with “No need, it’s a gift.”


There are too many horrible, horrible things happening in the world lately.  The homophobic shooter in that Orlando club. Stupid politicians and their stupid politics.  Parents being castigated for not watching their children when they’ve had to go through the torture of them being taken by an alligator or falling into a gorilla’s enclosure. So many things that make you go “What on earth is happening to my beautiful world? Where has our humanity gone?”

But one wonderful thing, one amazing, incredible pinpoint of light in the darkness, is when I can reach out for help, and you take my hand and respond.

Maybe if we add all of our pinpoints together we can shine some kind of light on the world, and show people that it’s not as bad as all that, so long as we all remember to care for each other.

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Curveballs Aplenty – Lowest of Lows to the Highest of Highs
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