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As a professional writer, qualified business coach, and with a long career in administration management behind her, Bree provides virtual assistance for authors as well as one-on-one consulting for authors in creating and maintaining newsletters and social media. 

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant image of a woman working at a desk

Services available:

  • Newsletter setup and ongoing management
  • Social media setup and ongoing management
  • New Release marketing campaigns
  • Audience-builder marketing campaigns
  • Sales marketing campaigns
  • Copywriting for blurbs and advertising#
  • Facebook fan/author page admin
  • Graphics/banners/memes#
  • Contest management#
  • General administration

Base rates start at $40* per hour.

# Premium service

Author Newsletters

Are you ready to start your author newsletter but don’t know where to begin?
Have you got a newsletter that isn’t performing as well as you’d like?

Bree can help with tailored one-on-one consulting to make your newsletter the best it can be.

45-minute consulting session – $79* 

Newsletter Know-How

Do you need an Author Newsletter but don’t know how to go about it? Heard about mailing lists, but not sure what they are for? Confused by all the different options out there?

Then Newsletter Know-How is for you.

Practical steps to help you:

Understand what an Author Newsletter can do for you and your potential readers
Decide what you want from your Author Newsletter
Decide which platforms best suit your needs
Build your first Subscriber List and Sign Up Form
Set up your Welcome Sequence
Set up your Newsletter Template, to make your monthly newsletter a breeze to manage
Get your Author Newsletter out into the world!

Next course starts 1 November 2020.

Blurb and Advertisement Writing

Copywriting is a skill apart from creative writing, and it is difficult to write your own blurbs and descriptions when you are so close to your work.
Bree can write you a series of short and long blurbs (or descriptions) for headlines, advertising, elevator pitch and book descriptions.

Social Media for Authors

Overwhelmed by the thought of starting social media for your author business?

Bree can help you, with tailored consulting to work out:

  • What social media is right for you
  • Setting up your social media platforms
  • Working out how to keep your social media fresh and interesting
  • Working with the algorithms and search-bots to make your social media SEO friendly

45-minute consulting session – $79*

Write Your Novel

Do you have stories rattling around in your head? A bunch of half-written books in the bottom drawer? Or do you want to know how to make an existing story better?

Then Write Your Novel is just for you.

Get an understanding of how a novel is created, from characters and conflict through to plots and point of view.

Bree Verity will guide you through the beginnings of building a great novel. With writing exercises and examples from well-known books, Bree will give you the tools to Write Your Novel.

The workshop will cover:

  • Structure and Plot
  • Tenses and Point-of-View
  • Pacing and Dialogue
  • What kind of writer are you?

3-hour workshop – $330.00 (as per ASA rates)

Create Fascinating Characters

What is it about characters who stay with us long after we have finished reading a book? How do writers know what characteristics to give their villain? Or their hero? Or even a secondary character? And how do they make their characters appear like real people stepping off the page?

In Create Fascinating Characters, by covering physical, emotional, social and story-based elements of character building, Bree Verity will help you to draw well-rounded characters of your own, providing examples, instruction and practice to bring your imaginary friends to life.

The workshop will cover:

  • Physical characteristics
  • Emotional tension
  • Social construct
  • World-building

3-hour workshop – $330.00 as per ASA rates.

*All prices in Australian Dollars

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