All of my New Year’s Plans…

It’s always fascinating to look back on what you’ve accomplished for the past year, and then to decide what you’re going to do next year.

I’m kinda proud of myself this year – I released several novels, was involved in two anthologies, one of which I produced and marketed, and my income from writing has increased each month (though still not enough to live on, but since it’s still going in that direction, I’m happy!)

Next year is going to be very interesting – I’m taking the plunge, moving away from the ‘romance’ genre, and moving into fantasy and sci-fi.

My first series, called Slingshot, is about a young mechanic who joins a motley team of time-travelers as they save the world one earth-shattering event at a time. But questions arise – who exactly are they saving? Can you really change the past to improve the future? Whose future are we even talking about? 

All kinds of curly questions will be considered by poor Marra as she bounces around in the past and the future, trying to work out if she actually IS one of the good guys…

Slingshot’s first release will be in March, and there should be five Slingshot stories by the end of 2018.

The other series I am starting in 2018 is called The Essences. This series will be a mashup of ghosts, Greek Gods, and elemental magic:

When Jennifer allows herself to be sucked into a magical painting, she doesn’t realize it means going on a mission to find the missing Muses. If she succeeds, she will be reunited with her one true love. If she fails, the wrath of the Gods will rain down on mankind. No pressure, right?

The Essences will be released starting June and I’m hoping to have the first four books released in 2018.

Apart from that, I will have a historical romance out in February, and another later in the year.

The last contemporary romance that I am writing for a while, called Under the Spotlight, which completes the Perth Girls series, will be out in January. I may come back to contemporary romance some time – I do like writing about real people in real situations. 

Alright, well, that’s my 2018 taken care of! I’ll be shutting down all operations from the 22nd December through to early January, to make things “fantasy/sci-fi friendly”, so keep an eye out for exciting changes to my website and Facebook!

Happy reading!


All of my New Year’s Plans…

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