Announcing the Release Date of The Scandalous Widow

With edits well underway, we are very pleased to announce that The Scandalous Widow will be released in e-Book and paperback formats on Monday 19 March 2018.

The Scandalous Widow follows Lady Juliet Hampshire, who we met in The Unwilling Smuggler, and who helped Felicity to win her true love in The Ruined Lady. Bree thought it was time that Juliet got her own happily ever after.

Juliet and Sir Alistair Chisholm embark on an adventure – a spy mission into the very heart of Paris. But Alistair thinks Juliet is just a conniving, grasping commoner, and Juliet thinks Alistair is a snobby, stuck-up noble. 

They realize their first impressions are wrong very quickly, but will their newfound love be able to overcome injury, capture and the very worst of betrayal?

Bree says, “I really think you’re going to love this one – I’ve obliged my beta readers and added more historical detail, and more feels in the love scenes. If you loved The Ruined Lady, I think you’ll love The Scandalous Widow too!”

The Scandalous Widow can already be pre-ordered on Amazon.


Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can read books off Amazon on ANY device – just download the Kindle Reader app from your app store!! (You will need to set up an Amazon account, if you haven’t already got one)

Announcing the Release Date of The Scandalous Widow
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