Anthology Organizing for the Clueless

This year, PL Harris and I decided in our infinite wisdom that we would create an anthology.

A couple of boozy meetings later, we had come up with a theme (Christmas in a small, snowy town) and a name – All Wrapped Up – A Christmas Anthology.

We put out a call for authors, advising there would be a small cost per person to cover advertising, that stories should be around 20,000 words, and that they could be sexy but not erotic.

We (along with three other authors) are now writing our pieces for the anthology which will be published mid-November – just in time for Christmas!

Seeing that we have no experience in organizing anthologies, it’s going to be an interesting journey. 

Already one of our authors has suggested we have a spreadsheet to show tropes, names, and places, so we all don’t end up writing variations of the same story! I hadn’t even thought of how useful such a spreadsheet might be! Of course, the very first thing I did was to go create one and put it on our secret FB group. 

I suppose the most interesting part of the thing is going to be seeing how our stories interact, and how we are going to make sure we don’t have any discord between them – the only background information we gave was the name of the town and its approximate location, and that it would be lightly snowing in the lead up to Christmas. 

There are a few concerns – like what happens if one of the stories is of seriously lower quality than the rest? What happens if someone misses deadlines? What happens if someone absolutely despises the cover I create? We have contingencies for these (which include the old ‘suck it up princess’ if 4 of us love a cover and 1 of us hates it!!) 

But I suspect, come October, we will be gushing over a brand new book baby, only there will be 5 Mamas!!


Anthology Organizing for the Clueless
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