Welcome to my Universe.

It recently struck me that all of my storylines fit into the one universe, even though they could be anything from time travel to historical romance.

The diagram above shows how they all fit in with each other.

Amazingly enough, by doing this, I’ve been able to sort out some timelines that weren’t working for me.

So, What is the Universe about?

The four ‘planets’ through the middle are actually four planes of Earth – first of all, at the bottom there is Earth, then Byd-Tal’m, the realm of the fae and otherworld creatures, then there’s the soul realm, or the world of the dead, then the spirit realm, which is where the gods live.

Obviously, the mythology series Fates of the Muses takes place in the spirit realm, since it has the gods Apollo and Dionysus, as well as the muses, who are demi-gods.

Then, Slingshot is a time travel series, bouncing around from past to future Earth.

And of course, Revolution and Regency are historical, so belong with past-Earth, and Seven Wishes, as historical fantasy, runs between past-Earth and Byd-Tal’m.

Coming in 2019

I’m planning to release three books in the Seven Wishes series, as well as two in the Blackdark series in 2019. Hopefully more, but that is the minimum. My 2018 has been so very not productive, I’ll be pulling my finger out in 2019!!

Welcome to my Universe.
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