Coastal Christmas Blog Hop 2018

Many of the writers on this Coastal Christmas Blog Hop have told you they LOVE Christmas in the southern hemisphere!! Sand, surf, sun…

Well, never let it be said that I am a Grinch, however, I am not a fan of the warm, sunny Christmas. All I ask, all I want for Christmas, is to see ONE white Christmas in my lifetime.

Why? Well, there are some things that just don’t work for a hot Christmas:


  1. Singing “White Christmas” is just… well, it’s just wrong. And you can’t just substitute another color. I’ve tried it. It doesn’t work.
  2. They don’t make beach toys at Santa’s Workshop, so we can only ever get our kids cheap knock-offs from China.
  3. You can’t throw ‘sandballs’ without someone complaining.
  4. You can’t build a ‘Sandman’ and if you do, it looks misshapen and freaky.#
  5. Can you imagine cooking a turkey in a kitchen when the temperature outside is already 35 degrees (or 95 for those of you who have not yet converted to metric)? I didn’t think so.
  6. Family gatherings invariably end up in a game of cricket. I hate cricket. You can’t play cricket in the snow.
  7. I’d much prefer my jolly fat men to be covered up in a coat and scarf than in what we see them in at the beach… *shudder* 

Seriously, you northern hemispherians have it so much better!!


When PL Harris and I sat down to work out what our Christmas anthology was going to be about, we both instantly agreed – there had to be snow!! And there was!! All Wrapped Up – A Christmas Anthology, is set in a fictitious town in Vermont… because snow. And snowmen. And hot chocolate and warm gloves and red-tipped noses.

So, I say, YAY to the White Christmas. Now, who wants to invite me over?? ๐Ÿ™‚

# I wrote a story about a sandman once for a Christmas book. If you want to read it, it’s here. 

Now, to the BLOG HOP part of the blog!!

There’s winnings to be had!!! First prize is a $150 Amazon voucher PLUS 30 books; Second prize is 30 books, and everyone who comments goes into the draw on each individual author’s blog to win a copy of their book. So, you need to enter below, and keep following the bloggers each day! My Welcome page right here on has a handy Advent Calendar to help you keep up!

Commenting on my blog will get you into the draw for an e-book copy of All Wrapped Up – A Christmas Anthology. Four writers, four romances, and one village snowman who could be wearing anything!

The post after mine is from Rich Amooi, the King of Romantic Comedy (self-proclaimed), and the one BEFORE me was the gorgeous and talented Carla Caruso. Just click on their names to go to their blog, and comment, to get you more entries into the draw!!

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Coastal Christmas Blog Hop 2018

16 thoughts on “Coastal Christmas Blog Hop 2018

  1. Just once I’d like to experience a white Christmas too. Just for a change. I want to make a snow angel!

  2. I could do without the heat, but a summer Christmas is just normal for us. Maybe Santa will deliver snow one year.

  3. Ah! my friends down South. So sorry you don’t have a white Christmas, but it sounds like you have some beautiful seafood,and gorgeous beaches. Merry Christmas

  4. LOL Thanks for sharing with us. The books sound great. Thanks for sharing those too.

  5. Hehehe your post did make me laugh. We are never happy with our lot are we!

  6. Great blog post , Bree. I have to agree. Iโ€™m sure snow is easier on hair than humidity too. Iโ€™m so tired of Christmas-Day-bad-hair. Not only does it look hideous, itโ€™s hot and sticky to remind you that it looks hideous!

  7. Hilarious Susanne…. one more thing that works better for Northerers their Santas don’t. Collapse with heat stroke. It’s no fun being rugged up in a red suit in our heat.

  8. I did giggle when I read your post Bree. I have to agree. Santaโ€™s red-suit covered belly looks cuddly (or at least jolly) whereas Mr Budgie Smuggler just looks under-dressed.

  9. You would love a white Christmas–when I lived in Oklahoma, it was a rarity, but here in Michigan it’s almost guaranteed that even if no snow falls on Christmas, the ground will be covered nonetheless.

  10. Here in Madison, Indiana, USA, it’s cold right now and we may get a dusting of snow on Christmas. We had about an inch earlier in the month but weather is so unpredictable here. But the heavy coats are out with scarves and gloves. I even have a couple pairs of socks that are supposed to keep your feet warm down to below 0 degrees F. So we sometimes have lots of snow and sometimes little bits but usually the colder tempts. I perfer winter Christmas myself. So Happy Holidays to you all from Madison, Indiana, USA.

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