Fantasy Update | February 2018

The first of the seven wishes books is progressing well and is expected to be released in May.

Bree Verity says:

“The book, and in fact the whole series, will be very much Regency Romance, however there is a fairy godmother called Fenella who will be directing some of the romance in her own unique way. 

“As the first dip of my toe into fantasy, I thought my readers would be better served to see a kind of fantasy/romance hybrid.

“Before the entire seven books of Seven Wishes are written, I will be moving on to the other fantasy series in my head, The Fates of the Muses, which will be much more fantasy/mythology based and a little less romance.

“Having said that, I don’t seem to be able to keep from putting some kissy stuff into my books, so you can still expect a romance sub-plot.”

The first book in the Fates of the Muses series is expected to be available in August.


Fantasy Update | February 2018
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