Get your Goals to Gain Momentum

This week I’ve been looking at my writing targets and trying out a new experiment – daily incremental goal setting.

I have some heavy targets coming up to the end of August, and I’m fairly certain I won’t hit them. HOWEVER, I’m going to get a whole lot closer than I expected to, due to a little mind game I’ve been playing with myself.

On Monday, I set a goal of 1600 words

On Tuesday, I set a goal of 1800 words

On Wednesday, I set a goal of 2000 words

On Thursday, I set a goal of 2200 words

On Friday, I set a goal of 2400 words

The rationale is that each day’s target is ‘only’ 200 words more than the day before, and I can do that, right? 200 words is a quick ten-minute sprint. So easy.

I will eventually reach the extent of my potential words – there are only so many hours in a day, I still have health problems, and I still can’t touch type properly. (Note: I will never touch type properly.) 

But right now, 2400 words came very easily, and 2600 is a simple goal because it’s only 200 more words than I wrote today, right?

And so the goal rolls on.

You can use incremental goals with as large or as small targets as you like. Start with 50 words and make your way up to 100 in tens.

You can use them for exercise – in fact, every personal trainer I’ve ever had has set me incremental goals. I very rarely met them. But I can’t blame the PT’s for that, merely my lazy arse. 

You can use them for mega-tasks. Anything that can be counted and bagged down into smaller chunks can be done incrementally.

Have fun with it! I have had. And I’ve come out the other end of the week with a massive smile plastered on my face because I met my word goal for the week.


Get your Goals to Gain Momentum
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