There’s lists… and then there’s Lists.

I’m an unashamed list writer. I have a million of them – for things I need to do, books I need to write, others I need to read, figures about sales and marketing and advertising and word counts and just about every other thing under the sun.

I make a new list each week for the grocery shopping – it drives my other half crazy 🙂

I have a hideous hectic schedule leading up to the 22nd December when I’m taking some time off to revamp my website and just kick back. The number of individual tasks I have to do before then is… almost overwhelming…

But what you see here is a pictorial list – basically, all my stuff drawn on to a page. I color in each thing as I get it done, and by the end, I should have a whole page of pretty drawings, and everything done.

I still have my list – and I’m still ticking things off it! I just thought I needed an extra impetus to do everything I need to do, and it’s kinda nice to stop between tasks and pick up the textas. 

I’m not a fan of adult coloring books. But this kind of ‘useful’ coloring in, I think it’s a good way to keep track of things.

(Some of the images are extras that I’ve just added in so I can have some quick coloring in when I need it. Like the flowers and the yin-yang.)

As you can see, today I managed to get my newsletter done, and my blog for the RWA. I’m hoping to have a few more things colored in before the end of the day, but we’ll see. 

Actually, this post will be Blog # 1, so I WILL color in something else!! #Winner!


There’s lists… and then there’s Lists.
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