My New Big Project.

I should like to introduce you all to Marra James, my newest protagonist.

Marra is an introvert, a mechanic and an Aries, which means she is motivated and hard-working. She gets to work on time, even if it means she has to skip breakfast.

But Marra can be a bit of a smart-ass as well sometimes. Especially when she’s sucked through a ring of blue lightning into a glass cage sometime in the future.

Marra finds herself recruited to a Time Travel team whose job, of course, will be saving the world. And by recruited, I mean she isn’t given a choice. 

But whose world are they saving? The future? The present? When exactly is the present when you are time travelling??

And do they even really have the power to decide??

Let me make a suggestion to all you budding writers out there.


Oh my lord, your brain will explode with all the possibilities, causalities and paradoxes. And that’ll be before you even write one word.

I’ve been agonizing over Marra for months. She has pages and pages of story bits – and some of those are even going to make it into the actual novel!

Time travel is a human construct because no one else except humans even thinks about time as anything except the signals the world gives that we should wake up or eat or hunt or go to bed.

But us humans? We like to categorize everything. So we parcel our time into neat regular packages and inside those packages, we stuff work, food, sex, parenting, adulting, weekends, holidays, showers, commuting, working out and then, if there’s a little bit of time left over, we schedule in some fun. 

Heaven help us if we don’t have our regular daily poop. 

It’s very possible the sky will fall if we don’t get to work by 8am.

You missed lunch? Yeah, I had to have it at 3 o’clock.

So, what if everything you ever thought about time was taken away, and all there was were those original ‘night’ and ‘day’ signals? Would you be happy? In a panic? Would the human race fall apart through lack of structure?

All these questions are merely one tiny scrap of what the author needs to have already thought through before they endeavor to write time travel. 

World building? Please, bitch, I’m writing in space AND time. Fourth dimension, baby.

Happy reading! 

(the slowly growing more psychotic every day) Bree

PS: I had the design for Marra created by using DesignCrowd to fund a competition, and the wonderful and totally flexible bojboga from Serbia took out the prize money, after tweaking the design five thousand times according to my many and varied suggestions. (Alright, it was less than ten times, but I’m sure to him/her it felt like more!)

My New Big Project.
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