News in Contemporary Romance – February 2018

Under the Spotlight, the final book in the Perth Girls series, went on sale at Amazon on Sunday 11 February 2018.

Bree Verity says:

“I started writing the first book in the series, now called For Business and Pleasure, for Camp Nano in July 2016. It was my first finalized novel and came out under the title The Quiet One. The series has undergone two name changes since then, but this is the first time Under the Spotlight has seen the light of day.

“I’d like to thank my beta readers for offering great suggestions to improve this book more than I could have imagined.

“The book has a central theme of a woman who has undergone an abortion but wishes that she hadn’t. Apparently, up to ten percent of women who have abortions feel this way. I had no idea until I started to think about Penny, the main character, and her personality. It seemed right that she would be someone who would regret such an action, and her entire story built up from there.

“But along with Penny’s story, we make the acquaintance of a theatre ghost. I am a member of a couple of theatre groups in Perth and I’m constantly being told about spooky things people have had happened at various venues. I have no sensitivity to spirits at all, which means I can only live vicariously through others’ spooky experiences. I love the theatre community in Perth, and hope that I have drawn it accurately and in a good light.

“And I’d like to particularly thank Jane, who agreed that I could use her name and likeness in the book. 

“I truly hope you enjoy reading Under the Spotlight.”

The buy link for Amazon Kindle is:


News in Contemporary Romance – February 2018
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