Supernatural Season 5 Episode 7

The Curious Case of Dean Winchester.

I’ve been rewatching Supernatural in the months leading up to the release of Season 14, and I came across this episode yesterday.

I really liked it – laugh out loud moments along with some real heart-string tugs.

What I did want to talk about was the character of the he-witch, Patrick. 

He was an enigma – he played poker for years of life instead of dollars, but he said he wasn’t a murderer, and he was compassionate when it counted. The boys didn’t kill him – they couldn’t outsmart him. And yet he knew that Dean would die and seemed heartless about it.

Writing characters is difficult if you don’t want to pigeonhole them. The writer, Sera Gamble, has done a good job here of taking a standard ‘villain of the week’ – a witch – and making him into something more than that. And the actor who portrayed him, Hal Ozsan, brought him to life nicely – his confidence, his compassion, his love and his heartbreak.

There was a lot to shove into one 35 minute episode. 

Supernatural Season 5 Episode 7
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