There’s a meeting point between Regency romance and fantasy.

Regency romance, since the days of its invention by the amazing Georgette Heyer, is frothy, light and humorous, set in the times of the King Georges of England, and involves feisty, often impoverished damsels and the dukes and earls who love them.

Fantasy is big and sprawling and can be anything from elves to robots, this world or another version of this world or another planet or outer space. Sword fights, blaster fights, laser beams, magic beams… if you can imagine it, it belongs in fantasy.

How can these two genres possibly overlap? One answer is: via the Fairy Godmother.

Fairy Godmothers are Awesome.

In fairytales, the Fairy Godmother appears when all seems lost to the heroine. She is alone and lonely. Generally, she has no parents or her parents aren’t able to care for her. Her situation is dire. She is vulnerable.

The Fairy Godmother comes in as a substitute mother. She offers love to the heroine, and good advice. She reminds the heroine that however she is feeling, she is not a bad person. She makes things possible that were not previously possible. And she reminds the heroine that some of the magic comes from within. This article from Psychology Today Australia expands on that a bit.

But here is where the crossover occurs – whenever there is a Fairy Godmother, there is a lover, and obstacles to overcome before the pair find their happily ever after. And will you look at that!! Those are the two things that define what a romance novel is!! ((1) The main storyline is the romance one. (2) There must be a happily ever after.)

And what better time to set a romance than the Regency! Am I right?!?! Ladies in breathtakingly beautiful gowns and gentlemen who didn’t think to put on a t-shirt with suit lapels printed on the front was getting dressed up. Heading off to balls and routs and assemblies and soirees, dancing and flirting as if their lives depended on it. Gossip and scandal and reputations. Heavens! I am all of a flutter just thinking about it!

So, I’m writing seven Fantasy Regency Romance stories, and then I’ll work out if I’m going to write more of them. I think I probably will because they are so much fun to write. I get to include magic! And kissing!

Writing the intersection between Regency Romance and Fantasy is amazing.

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There’s a meeting point between Regency romance and fantasy.
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