Writing Continues on Seven Wishes

The writing continues on Miss Cheswick’s Charm, the first book in the Seven Wishes series. Bree has been hard at work, only the direction of the story has changed twice since she started, meaning that although she has written enough words to be an entire finished story, most of them won’t make it into the completed novel.

“It can get really frustrating,” Bree admits. “When I know something isn’t gelling in the story, but I can’t quite work out what it is. All I can do is to keep writing, and eventually the problem sorts itself out. This time around, it was 27,000 words later…”

Having said that, she is still confident that she will reach the June release date for Miss Cheswick’s Charm.

“Not only that, but there will be a short available to readers of Miss Cheswick as well, as a thank you for reading the first in series,” she said. “While the novels will be about different couples, the short story will tell of how Fenella, a dark fae, became a fairy godmother – a job that dark fae are really not suitable for.”

“The whole series has been lots of fun to write so far, and I’ve had a ball coming up with rules for the fairy godmothers, their history and their world. I think you’re going to enjoy it.”

Miss Cheswick’s Charm will be available in June 2018. 

Writing Continues on Seven Wishes
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