How to Write a Book Review

Writers, and especially indie-published writers, live and breathe based on your reviews.
But sometimes, we get feedback from readers that they loved our book, and would review it, but they just don’t know what to write.
Help is at hand!
This quick four-point guide will help you write concise, pointed book reviews that will have your favorite authors smiling.

1. Introduction.
Start with a catchy sentence: Have you ever wondered…?; Have you ever been to…?; have you ever wished you could…?; Do you know how to…? Do you want to know how to…?
2. Brief summary.
In a short book review, try to keep this to one-two sentences. Do Not Give Away The Ending!
3. Evaluation.
What did you think of the book? Did you like or dislike characters? Was it hard to follow the action?
4. Conclusion.
Who is the book particularly suitable for? Would you read more books in this series? By this author? Would you recommend this book?

CharlieEXAMPLE: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Have you ever wondered what goes on inside a chocolate factory?
Charlie, a poor boy, and four other children find golden tickets in their chocolate bars and are invited by Willy Wonka to tour his factory.
Some of the children were horrible brats! The story was easy to read and interesting.
The book is suitable for all ages but is particularly suitable for children 8 to 12 years old. I would definitely read more by this author. I would recommend this book.

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