Book Reviews – January 2015

I’ve been reading a million different books lately – across a heap of different genres and across a heap of different authors.

Let me tell you a bit about a few of them, and see if I can entice you to read them too:

StillAliceStill Alice – Lisa Genova

I picked up this novel as I’m off to a speech from Lisa Genova at a writer’s festival next month.  It wasn’t a topic that particularly interested me – early onset Alzheimer’s Disease.  I figured I would read it so that at least I didn’t look like a total idiot when people were talking about the book.  I am so very, very glad I did.  Lisa tells the story from the perspective of the woman (Alice) who is diagnosed with Alzheimers.  We get to stand inside her head as she slowly loses her memories, from the first, terrifying moments when she temporarily forgets how to get home when out for a run, through to the time when she doesn’t even know her own children and grandchildren, and only has a vague feeling that she is comfortable when she is around them.  It is one of the most heart wrenching books I have ever read, and I would recommend it without hesitation to anyone.  It will also give you a better understanding of what Alzheimer’s Disease actually is, and what they are trying to do to slow the progress of the illness, and hopefully one day, fix it completely.  Lisa is a brilliant writer, and I’ll go looking for her books in future.

Get your copy of Still Alice here



PostMortemPost Mortem – Kate London

Police procedural which also goes into internal corruption within the police force.  Two people fall from a tower block in London – a long-serving beat cop and a teenage girl.  Left on the roof, and traumatised, are a five-year old boy and a rookie cop, Lizzie Griffiths.  Within hours, Lizzie has disappeared, and it’s up to officer Sarah Collins to find out where she is, why she is running, and what caused the deaths of the cop and the teenager.  I found the ending of this book to be quite depressing – but I think that was the intent.  All in all, of the books I have read lately, this is one that I didn’t enjoy as much as perhaps I should – I didn’t get a sense of anyone’s feelings much apart from poor Lizzie, the other police seeming to just go about their work and their lives without too much angst.  The backstory around the teenage girl could have been written so that we felt more sympathy for her and her family.  Perhaps that’s because a police procedural isn’t supposed to go too much into touchy-feelies… I don’t know.  What I do know is that this book reinforced my belief that I’m not really a police procedurals type of gal.  If you are, you would probably enjoy this one.

Get your copy of Post Mortem here



TheGoodNeighbourThe Good Neighbour – A J Banner

Really good suspense novel – very difficult to put down once you start.  It begins with the main character, Sarah, rescuing a little girl from a fire in the house next to hers, which spreads and engulfs her house as well.  Then, layer upon layer of potential deception and scheming is added, with Sarah trying to reconcile what she knows of people to facts that she is learning – but are they facts?  Or are they planted evidence?  You won’t know the whole story until you reach the very last page.  Tightly written, lots of twists and turns, AJ Banner is very, very good at the cliffhanger end to the chapter.

Get your copy of The Good Neighbour here





FollowYouHomeFollow you Home – Mark Edwards

I don’t even know where to start with Follow you Home.  I loved it.  Totally, totally loved it.  So many twists and turns, so many questions all the way through to keep your interest, no flat bits whatsoever, you will find your heart pounding all the way through.  A your couple are on the trip of a lifetime – a final adventure before settling down.  But a chance meeting with another couple on a train forces them to cut their trip short, and they flee home.  They vow never to talk about what happened that night.  But although they thought they had left their nightmares behind, in fact, their nightmares are just beginning.  Truly thrilling thriller, with a twist at the end you simply won’t see coming.  I’m putting Mark Edwards on my Favorite Authors list.

You can get your copy of Follow you Home here




Seriously, there are a dozen more novels I’ve read lately, but I think I’ll save reviews of those for another time.

Happy reading!!


Book Reviews – January 2015
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