Book Reviews – May 2016

I’ve missed a few months of book reviews – not that I haven’t been reading books, its more that I’ve been too slack to write the reviews!

Actually, I think I’ve probably posted a few on Amazon and Goodreads in the past few months, but here are three that I definitely read in May:

SecondTimeSweeterIf you’re a fan of a good rural romance, Second Time Sweeter is the book for you. Ros Baxter weaves a sweet tale of lost-and-found love. Genevieve Jenkins gave up the love of her life to marry “the Safe Bet”, who turned out to be not so safe after all.

Now, she is a divorcee with 2 kids, a sick mother, and the beginnings of a thriving business, and she is still in their old hometown when Brodie Brown comes back to add his voice to the town’s bid for organic certification.

Brodie is rich, successful, and just as sexy as he ever was. And at their first meeting, Ros is dressed as cheese.

Yep, that’s the kind of book it is. It’s fun, flirty, and takes on the trope of second-chance love with a good dash of humour and a large dollop of small town. And yoghurt.

I enjoyed it – 4 stars from me.

You can find Second Time Sweeter on the store here.


DanceForADiamondDance for a Diamond was a surprise – especially when the main character, Antonia Venn, starts off the story working in a brothel! Not to worry though – the hero, Sir Laurence Oakford is on hand to help her – before she can lose her virtue!

A year later, she has opened a dancing school in Bath, and Sir Laurence’s sister is one of her pupils – which throws Laurence and Antonia in each others paths.

A very light, sweet romance, easy to read, not much depth but a satisfying Regency romance.

4 stars.

You can find Dance for a Diamond on the store here.




ParisTimeCapsuleI really enjoyed Paris Time Capsule. It was somehow familiar to me, and I realised why when I read the author’s notes at the end, and she said the story was based on an article she read about a French woman’s apartment being opened after 80 years.

This is the story of Catherine Jordan who inherits an apartment in Paris, only to find that the woman who bequeathed it to her actually has living relatives. The story follows Catherine (and the grandson of the apartment’s former owner, Loic) trying to find out who truly owns the property – herself, or Loic’s family.

The imagery was lovely, of Paris itself and also the surrounding areas, with the apartment itself harking back to la Belle Epoque. I’ve never been to France, but this is the kind of book that whets my appetite. It’s on my bucket list 🙂

This wasn’t pure romance, and I hesitate to categorise it as women’s fiction either. It’s more of a mystery – why did Isabelle de Florien leave the house to Cat instead of her own family? Especially since her own family were struggling?

I thoroughly recommend this one. You’ll enjoy it – 5 stars

You can find Paris Time Capsule on the store here.

I’ve already read a few books in June that I’ve loved, but you’ll have to wait until next month to find out what they are!

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Book Reviews – May 2016
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