Daintree | Annie Seaton

Five Ninja Stars.

This is not the first Annie Seaton book I’ve read, but it is by far the best. Her descriptions of living in that area are amazing – and her amassed knowledge about little bits and pieces of things that go on there are brilliant. The storyline is captivating and the characters well drawn. Recommended:

The Daintree breeds survivors, those who can weather the storms, heat and floods that go hand-in-hand with its beauty.

Doctor Emma Porter is one such survivor, dedicated to her patients and to preserving this precious land where she has made her home. But Emma’s quiet life is disrupted when her first love Jeremy Langford takes a job at the hospital. Jeremy is fleeing demons of his own: the tragedy which haunts him has made life in Sydney unbearable. The tight-knit community of Dalrymple seems to promise the peace he has been searching for. But while some come to the Daintree to find shelter, others are here to exploit the rainforest’s riches.

And they will stop at nothing to get their hands on its bounty.




Daintree | Annie Seaton
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