Marry in Haste by Anne Gracie

Four-and-a-half stars increased to five.

I was pleased to read Anne Gracie’s new book, Marry in Haste, last week. And I was not disappointed. The novel is a testament to Ms Gracie’s wonderful abilities with characterization and storyline. She weaves all the little details of Regency life into her novels, but also provides new ways of understanding those details.


I enjoyed the development of the relationship between Emm and Cal. Entering into a marriage of convenience, they are both very aware of what that means, and what it entails. Problems are dealt with in mature fashion – no tantrums or childishness here!

Cal is a fascinating character – having always been a soldier, and having his orders obeyed without question, he finds it impossible to understand why his sisters would first of all disobey him over and over again, and second, why they dissolve into high emotion when he tries to exact punishment. Cal’s growth through the novel is really interesting to read.

Emm is a cool, calm woman with fiery passion beneath who has been forced by circumstances to become a teacher. She doesn’t really change much across the novel – it’s more things happening to her that change her future. Emm’s apparent disregard for the seriousness of her past conduct annoyed me a little. I can’t say more without offering spoilers, but that is why I have marked the story down half a star – there was little growth on Emm’s part.

Having said that, it’s a wonderful book, I read it in one sitting, and would recommend Ms Gracie’s novels over and over again if you like a Regency romp.


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Marry in Haste by Anne Gracie
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