Review of A Step in Time by Kerry Barrett

astepintimeSometimes, you just want to read a nice, sweet, romantic love story, and when I read A Step In Time, that was exactly what I was in the mood for.

Set in London, it follows two storylines, that of Amy Lavendar, a former soap star who lost her job when she broke the nose of the girl who was snogging her boyfriend, and Cora Cassidy, a dancer whose fiance left her pregnant at the altar during the second world war.

Amy’s well-meaning agent, Babs, gets her a place on Strictly Stars Dancing, which could be a problem because first, Amy can’t dance, and second, she had a quick fling that didn’t end well, with her partner. At the time, she didn’t know Patrick, and she was rebounding from her ex.

Luckily, she has moved into the apartment below Cora, who is now an old lady. Cora teaches Amy to find her rhythm, while Amy (along with Patrick) find out what happened to her fiance all those years ago.

I really enjoyed this book, perhaps because I was in the mood for a light read, but also because I’m a fan of dual timeline and historical romances. The sex is behind closed doors, the characters (mostly) are well drawn, and I could hear Amy talking in her British accent when she had dialogue, which is a great skill for the author to have.  There were no surprises in the storyline – I called the outcome from the start, except for one detail I didn’t pick up – but it didn’t matter.

I would give this a 4.5 stars – only dropping half a star because the story followed an expected path – and I will definitely read more of this writer in the future.



Review of A Step in Time by Kerry Barrett
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