The Shape of Us by Lisa Ireland

A good read from an Australian author – 4.5 stars.

Four overweight women make friends via an online weight loss forum, come together to meet each other in person, develop strong bonds that help them through some of the toughest of times, and discover weight is a very personal problem to overcome (or come to terms with). This is the story of Mezz, Jewels, Ellie and Kat who all think that if they can just lose a few kilos, life will change for them in astonishing ways.

A story about female friendships, Ms Ireland has given us a strong story and interesting characters. I especially enjoyed the little introspective thoughts they had, which made them more relatable and real.

I was a little disappointed that the last quarter of the story dissolved into an old and overused plot device – I would have liked to see the author use something other than someone getting cancer and dying. However, it is well written, with all four of the main characters reacting differently to what could only be a difficult time for all of them.

The Shape of Us by Lisa Ireland
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