Veiled in Moonlight | CJ Archer

Four Ninja Stars.

I’ve been enjoying this series since the beginning, they are an auto-buy for me. However, I’m waiting and waiting and waiting for something to happen between Lincoln and Charlie, more than just a kiss, and for Lincoln to lose control a bit… but it just never happens.

However, the stories are totally imaginative and full of spooky dead people and shapeshifters and make a very entertaining read, sexual frustration notwithstanding.

When a young gentleman is murdered by a shapeshifter, Charlie and Lincoln interrogate their contacts and uncover a plot with links to the royal family—and links to more than one member of the ministry’s committee. At the heart of the mystery is a sinister love triangle, corruption, lies, and treason. 

As they close in on their suspects, the dangers close in on them, and Lincoln’s protective instincts come to the fore, setting Charlie on edge. The last time he worried this much, he sent her away from her home and the people she loved…

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Veiled in Moonlight | CJ Archer
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