Boofie has a Bath; or why we Should be More like Dogs

Poor old Boof. He had to suffer the indignity of being clipped, bathed and blow dried yesterday.

Still a bit traumatised, but I still love you Mum…

He’s a rescue dog, and ever since we’ve had him, he’s been terrified of bathing. To get it done, you have to use all your muscles to hold him under the water while he struggles and strains to get out, all the while trying to scrub him with doggy shampoo, then rinsing the doggy shampoo off, making sure you don’t get it in his eyes, but making sure you get it everywhere else… oh, and did I mention the fracas when you try to clean the undignified places??

This time around, I hired someone else to come and do it. She was very placid, very friendly, still, I heard her telling Boofie to relax and more than once, I heard her tell him not to jump off the table she was trying to clip him on… He came out the other end looking handsome as ever, and smelling considerably better than he had prior. And it took him two minutes to return to his usual doggy nature once the evil was done.

The one thing he doesn’t do when he’s being bathed is bite. He hates it, and his tail disappears under his body and his head hangs low, but he doesn’t attack. He could easily  puncture anyone who tried to clean his backside, but he doesn’t. He just puts up with it until it’s done.

And that made me think. We should be more like dogs.

Not that we should hesitate to bathe. Pretty sure I already know a few people like that… but that wasn’t what I was talking about.

The bouncing back from adversity thing. The not losing your shizzle if you can’t control what’s going on around you. The whole let it wash over you and come out the other side smelling of roses.

best-day-everI think it comes back to the dog’s basic love of life. Every day is exciting, every activity, every interaction. Every time they see their people. I love greeting my doggies when I come home, it’s so much nicer than they disinterested ‘hey’ I get from my 13-year-old son, just before he puts his headphones back on and disappears into the computer for five more hours…

We would do well to try to be like them, I think. Find enjoyment and excitement in the little things. Shaking off the bad experiences, and just getting on with things. Showing our love for our people as much and as often as we can.





Boofie has a Bath; or why we Should be More like Dogs
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