Loosely Based on Fairytales.

When I go looking for the next idea for my Seven Wishes tales, I look to the old Grimm and Andersen fairytales for inspiration, or the Arabian Nights.

Those fairytales always have a great story, a hook, and a moral, which makes them ideal for me to riff off.

However, turning a fairytale into a Regency Romance isn’t as easy as all that, and then adding back a little bit of magic – but not the same magic – makes it even more complicated!

I don’t think I will ever have a Cinderella story in the Seven Wishes – I started writing one, and it morphed into a straight Regency Romance – turns out the Cinderella of that story didn’t actually need a fairy godmother at all.

The newest novel that I have started work on, Lady Diana’s Disguise, is based on The Prince and the Pauper. I always thought the story fit neatly into the fairytales league, and expected it to be a Grimm or an Andersen.

I was Wrong.

The Prince and the Pauper was written by none other than Mark Twain. And there was no magic about it at all – it was just two children who were doppelgangers who swapped clothes, and the adventures they had as each other.

So, I am chastised. Everything I thought I knew about fairytales is wrong. But at least I can still read them, and use them to build amazing other stories, ones that I love, and that my readers love as well!!

Loosely Based on Fairytales.
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