One Hundred Day Goal Here I Come!


shutterstock_29097130You might remember in my last post, I said I preferred ‘plans’ to ‘goals’.  So why, now, am I setting a goal and striving for it?

Basically, I’m teaching myself how to stop faffing around, and just write the damn book.

The Quiet One, my first novel, was supposed to be published by now.  Instead, I’m on to the third rewrite.  (Read the first chapter here.)

Did the novel need these rewrites?  I think it did.  I think it is much better for having been written, and torn apart, and written again, and torn apart again, and written again.

Why did I rewrite?  The story was lacking.  I didn’t know what it was lacking until I had a little more ‘writing’ experience.  I’ve looked a bit deeper into plotting, character development and the like, and I found that my story, while following the rules, was missing a few key ingredients that turn a story into a page-turner.

Then, I realised the story needed to be heard from two perspectives, so I’ve had to change the point of view of some of the chapters.  This has actually been really fun – looking at a situation from the perspective of a different character.  I’ve really enjoyed writing these.

OK, so why am I now setting a goal, and what is it?

I recently received an invitation to join a group of people who are undertaking a one hundred day goal.  The program is run by a group called The Business Bakery and it suggests that a good length of time to reach a goal is 100 days.  We were urged to choose a goal that could be completed in that time, and to commence action toward it.  There were many tools provided (MANY tools – too many for me to read through all of them!) for goal choosing, goal setting, listing micro actions that you could take toward the goal, and so forth and so on.  The beauty of the program is that each three months it resets, and new people come in and join the group.  It seemed like a really good way to set an achievable goal, and get it done.

My goal?

To see The Quiet One to completion and publication by the end of the 100 days.

Yes, finally, you will see one of my works out there, ready for you to devour.

And while it’s a fairly hefty goal, it’s one that I know I can achieve, so long as I focus, keep my head down and my arse up, and work hard to get there.  Most of the work on the book is already done.  It’s just a matter of filling in the empty spaces, writing a few extra chapters, and then getting it edited.  And even the editing isn’t that much of a chore.  Because it’s already gone through three iterations, much of the story that has been pulled from the original two writes has already been edited, and edited again.

OK.  So now, it’s out there.  My book will be on the e-shelves by the end of March.  You have been warned.

Now, go away so I can get my head down and arse up.


One Hundred Day Goal Here I Come!
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