Singing in the Car – A Letter to my Son

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Dear Aiden,

From time to time you ask me why I sing in the car. My answers range from “Because I want to,” through “It makes me happy,” but more often than not, I serenade you with a soppy love song while you cringe in the passenger seat and try to hide behind your phone.

I know sometimes you think I’m cracked in the head. It’s okay, I suspect most kids think that about their parents from time to time. However, in this case, singing might actually be making me less crazy, rather than more.

You see, singing increases the level of oxytocin a body produces – a chemical that makes people feel good. Also, it improves lung and cardiovascular health – so you see, when I sing, I’m actually looking after my lungs and heart!

You might think that the benefit to my blood pressure is offset by the increase in yours, but never fear! There is an answer to that as well!

Studies show that singing in groups can have an even better benefit, so the next time when I start singing in the car, instead of rolling your eyes and sighing like I’ve just given you the job of picking up the dog poo, you should join in!

Together, we can stare back at the people who are looking at us, and sing them a soppy love song, and take a bow, and a curtain call, once we are done.

Lots of Love



Singing in the Car – A Letter to my Son

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