Socks, Teatowels and Time Portals

laundry-vortexEveryone knows that washing baskets are time portals for socks.

You can imagine the two socks, one in front of the swirling vortex, one with hair swishing everywhere, holding hands.

“Don’t go! I’m not whole without you!”

“I have to. Don’t wait for me.”

And he pulls his hand out of his mates and disappears into the swirling vortex.


The other sock collapses back into the washing basket.

Sometimes, a replacement mate is found, and I take comfort in the fact that each of those newly mated socks has managed to find a companion after theirs was sucked away into the unknown.

However, the other day I noticed another strange phenomenon.

My teatowel drawer is ALSO a portal – only the teatowels get to come back.

I know – it sounds unlikely. But here’s what happened.

red-and-white-kitchen-towelMy partner looked into the teatowel drawer and said, “Where are all the teatowels? We always have heaps of them, and now there’s none!”

I, being the domestic goddess that I am, looked up from my book and said, “I dunno.” Then went back to reading.

Later that day, he looked again and LO AND BEHOLD THE TEATOWELS WERE BACK.

How did this miracle occur??

Obviously, they went for a time travel adventure, and returned to tell the tale.

What a shame they can’t talk.

I wonder if they caught up with the socks while they were traversing the universes?

Socks, Teatowels and Time Portals
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