Stay Happy in 2017 – Read More Books!

Green BreeIt might be naive of me, but I have high hopes for the world in 2017.

Guaranteed, there are going to be changes. Some good, some… not so good. Some that will only affect a small portion of the population, or even only one or two, and some that will have a flow on effect to millions, if not billions of people over time.

Books will be written in 2017. Probably one or two of them will become classics, to be digested and discussed ad nauseam by scholars in the 22nd and 23rd centuries. Most of them will disappear as time goes by. But right now, they are one of the pulses of our society, shining light in the dark and giving us all hope that everyone can get their happily ever after.

I will be writing books in 2017. They will all have a happily ever after. I think that’s what the world needs right now – a bit of love, a bit of comfort, a bit of relief from cold, hard reality.

Books change your mood. Remember how you felt when you got to the end of a novel and the baddie got away? Now, remember the one where the stray dog saves little Timmy from the storm drain by dragging him free of the tumultuous waters by the collar of his polo shirt and his family are so grateful that they adopt the stray and his family of twelve puppies? How did you feel (apart from “yikes, thirteen dogs in the one house??”)

We’ve all read annoying books, and ambiguous books, and sad books. And we’ve all read happy books.

I’d like to challenge everyone this year to read one happy book a month. Where there is a good, solid Happily Ever After, not just a Maybe We’re Good But How About We Wait Around and See…

You can go back to reading your angsty tomes in between, your literary masterpieces full of flowery descriptions and melancholy, but just read one happy, soppy, Awww-inducing book a month. That’s all I ask.

It can even be a novella.

I guarantee by doing so your life will be happier in 2017.

You’re welcome 🙂




Stay Happy in 2017 – Read More Books!
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