You Know You’re A Writer When…

Oh dear god, not more pens and pencils!
  1. You spend your downtime daydreaming about the next thing you want to write.
  2. Sometimes your characters are the only real people you know.
  3. You look around you and rather than just appreciating the landscape, you think to yourself “This would make a great setting for a book!”
  4. You feel like you’ve been born in the wrong century.
  5. You feel like you’ve been born in the wrong galaxy.
  6. You have pens that span the spectrum from plain old blue ballpoint through to whizz-bang sparkly neon pink gel ink and every possible permutation in between – yet you can never find anything to write with.
  7. You collect the above pens and always write on the computer.
  8. That niggling guilt that you sometimes feel between your shoulders is your muse thumping you in the lung to encourage you to sit down and write something.
  9. Your pets know that when you sit down in front of the computer, they will be ignored. ┬áSo they take action to ensure this doesn’t happen.
  10. When you meet new people, you think to yourself “How much of this person can I write into a book without them (a) realising I’m doing it or (b) becoming offended or (c) looking to sue.

Happy to hear your additions!!

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You Know You’re A Writer When…

2 thoughts on “You Know You’re A Writer When…

  1. When you see your friends video of their proposal/engagement on Facebook and before you manage to type your congratulations, you’ve plotted the scene into your next book.

    1. So true!! “Oh my lord, that was so romantic – I know! Juanita and Frederico can get engaged like that!” Sigh! (Having said that, Facebook is a great place to gather ideas…so long as your friends don’t realise!) Thanks for your comment, Renee!

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