About Me

A Labour of Love

Whoever it was who said writing a romance novel is easy needs to spend a week in my shoes. I am around 5000 words (two writing days) away from penning the final words in The Defiant One – the second book in my Perth Girls series. Its been a mission. I’ve had to dig deep, […]

Curveballs Aplenty – Lowest of Lows to the Highest of Highs

This past two weeks has got to have been one of the most emotionally topsy-turvy of my life. First of all, we took the heart-wrenching decision to cut our losses, and sell our house to cover all of our debts. There is something so tragic about working so hard to accomplish something so big, and then […]

Sometimes you just need to give yourself a good talking to…

If you had asked me last night how I would be feeling today, I probably would have told you flat, down, sad, or one of a thousand other words a writer might use to describe being in the doldrums.  I was watching the back end of 2015 pass, and feeling like crap.  I didn’t know […]

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