Book Reviews

Daintree | Annie Seaton

Five Ninja Stars. This is not the first Annie Seaton book I’ve read, but it is by far the best. Her descriptions of living in that area are amazing – and her amassed knowledge about little bits and pieces of things that go on there are brilliant. The storyline is captivating and the characters well […]

Marry in Haste by Anne Gracie

Four-and-a-half stars increased to five. I was pleased to read Anne Gracie’s new book, Marry in Haste, last week. And I was not disappointed. The novel is a testament to Ms Gracie’s wonderful abilities with characterization and storyline. She weaves all the little details of Regency life into her novels, but also provides new ways […]

Book Reviews – May 2016

I’ve missed a few months of book reviews – not that I haven’t been reading books, its more that I’ve been too slack to write the reviews! Actually, I think I’ve probably posted a few on Amazon and Goodreads in the past few months, but here are three that I definitely read in May: If […]

Book Reviews – February 2016

It’s been a fairly hectic February, what with rewrites and final edits and getting all the publicity sorted for my release on 31 March 2016, but I did manage to squeeze in a few books during February:

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