Slingshot Chronicles

A young mechanic embarks on a quest to save the world one earth-shattering event at a time when she is conscripted to a motley team of time travelers in this light Science Fiction Adventure series. Marra James is a practical-minded mechanic who likes nothing better than tinkering with broken things and shutting out the world. […]

Revolution & Regency

At the dawning of the Age of Enlightenment, join heroes and heroines from both sides of the English channel as they seek love in a time of turmoil in this heart-thumping Historical Romance series. Rating: Mature | Sex scenes Click on the covers to Learn More about each title.            

Fates of the Muses

In Development – Writing from July 2018 Support me on Patreon for this one!! (Details coming) Jen accidentally causes the disappearance of the nine muses.  Now, she is on a quest to track them all down, aided by Apollo, Pegasus and a cadre of nymphs with all the attitude of sullen teenagers. But Dionysus and […]

Miss Eleanor’s Enchantment

Miss Eleanor Huxley doesn’t really expect to have a happily ever after. She is nothing but a poor relative, companion to her cousin Hortense, and with a stutter like hers, she is never likely to find love. But when she discovers Hortense has planned to disgrace the powerful Duke of Forrest, she is determined to […]

Miss Cheswick’s Charm

Brand new Fairy Godmother Fenella’s first assignment is the wilful Miss Caroline Cheswick – or rather, Mrs Longshore, since she has just married for convenience. How on earth can Fenella manage Caroline’s happily ever after when she has already locked herself into a marriage without love? But Fenella doesn’t realize, the greatest threat to Caroline’s […]

Seven Wishes

One fairy godmother. Seven happily ever afters. Fenella is charged with ensuring the happily ever after of seven Regency lasses. But how on earth can Fenella succeed when all her charges seem to want to do is ruin their chances of finding their one true love? Regency Romance with a touch of Magic. Rated PG […]

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