Flash Fiction 15 January 2017

Sorry everyone – we’ve gone a bit dark today!!   Don’t hold your breath. She screwed up her eyes tight, and tried to breathe normally. All the way out. But she couldn’t breathe back in. Panic washed over her. She couldn’t breathe back in. Just do it. It will all be over soon. Her head […]

Loving Louise

This is just a little taster for you of the world of provincial pre-revolutionary France, where my upcoming novel, The Hidden Duchess is set. 3900 words Louise sighed, irritated with herself. She had just daydreamed away a good half an hour – thinking about Francois again, of course.  The always-present-but-completely-unattainable Francois. She pulled her puckering […]

Nonny’s Lunch

This story backdates to 2004 – so forgive me for any sloppiness – it was written a LONG time ago!!! (400 words) The boy and girl walked hand in hand across the meadow.  The sight that met their eyes as they crossed over the hill was truly breathtaking and they stopped to savour it for […]

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