Have you read the French Revolution Romance series?

A French Revolution romance, guaranteed to have your toes curling!

Celeste, Duchesse de Saint Tours, is forced into hiding when she is falsely accused of the murder of her husband.

Her distant cousin, Marcel, agrees to take her in, as long as she agrees to hide in plain sight – working on his farm and appearing to be no more than a peasant. Celeste reluctantly agrees.

Forced to work together, Celeste and Marcel discover a passion that they cannot resist. And Celeste discovers a feeling of belonging and acceptance from the people of the village that she has never felt before. She begins to dream about a future with Marcel.

But when her well-meaning lawyer appears in the village and gives her identity away, it isn’t only Marcel that Celeste stands to lose – it’s her life as well.

How can a noble Duchess and a peasant farmer find their happily ever after?

Original Release Video – 2017

Winning the Vicomte’s interest was easy. Winning his heart will be the challenge.

After surviving the Paris Massacres, Eugenie Ponnette just wants to find her grand passion with a man she can respect and love.

When she meets the older and distinguished emigre, Jean de Lacey, Vicomte Landreville, she thinks she has found the one to fulfill all her desires. Or has she? There are secrets around de Lacey – secrets that Eugenie will go to any lengths to find out.

She is pulled into a world of intrigue and danger when Landreville’s crazed ex-lover kidnaps her to try to win Landreville back.

Will Landreville arrive in time to rescue her? And if he does, can Eugenie still marry him, knowing the secrets that he keeps?

If you love swoon-worthy heroes, strong heroines and high adventure, secure your copy of A Grand Passion today.

Adventure, intrigue and romance combine in this sparkling tale of espionage and rescue.

When young widow Juliet, Duchess of Hampshire, agrees to be involved in a spy mission into France, her only regret is that her traveling companion is the insufferable Lord Alistair Chisholm.

She thinks he is a snob. He thinks she is a fortune hunter.

But as they work together against their common enemies, a grudging respect develops and passion flares.

Can they overcome injury, capture and the deepest of betrayal to find love?

Original Release Video – 2018
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