Squee!! New Covers!!

I’ve recently been doing a little bit of title-and-cover updating for my Perth Girls series. While I liked my titles and covers, I wasn’t sure they properly conveyed the intent of the series, that it was a romance series, and that it was about individual relationships.

I also updated blurbs and meta-data, so that searching for the titles will be easier. Goodness knows, making it as easy as possible for someone to find and download my titles is the whole name of the game after all!!

So, without further ado, here are the new titles & covers for the Perth Girls books:



















Coming Soon Click image for detailsisnowdesiree









Coming Soonisnowpenny










I LOVE the new covers. It’s possible I am a little bit biased… They are awaiting acceptance at Amazon, but Amanda and Lydia should be available in the next day or two, with Desiree on the way following editing, and Penny on her way after that.

It takes SO MUCH TIME to re-cover your novels!! And the things you have to take into account are incredible. I try to do my own covers (because I am poor), and I hope to make them as professional as possible (read: so that you can’t tell the difference between these and a cover from a traditional publishing house)

I’d love your comments!! Do you think I’ve done a good job? Or do you think I should hand it over to a professional?

**UPDATE: Amanda and Lydia are now AVAILABLE! on Kindle!!


Squee!! New Covers!!
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