Writers should be Readers Too

AWW2017-badgeKeeping myself honest as to the amount of reading I do as compared to writing is something I wanted to work on in 2017. So I signed up to the Australian Women’s Writers Challenge, to read at least six books by Australian Women (which won’t even be a problem since most of my friends on facebook are writers!), along with a 26 book challenge on Aussie Readers on Goodreads, and a 2017 personal challenge to read 60 books.

I’m cool for some of these to cross pollenate the other challenges – but I think it will be an interesting year. It’s not so much the reading of the books that I’m concerned about – I devour books by the bucketload! It’s reviewing them – actually thinking about them, what they made me feel, what they made me think. It’s part of the authors apprenticeship to be able to dissect someone else’s text, so they can learn from the masters and from the mistakes.

I’m one of those people who will post a less-than stirling review if I think a book calls for it. However I will always state why I’ve marked the review down, and I will always try to find something positive in the book as well. Reviews are for readers, and if everyone posts 4 and 5 star reviews, I tend to get twitchy – readers are a pretty diverse lot, and if everyone ‘loves’ the book, well, that makes me think perhaps some of those reviews are paid or fake or… something. I will rarely pick up a book that doesn’t have some lower reviews chucked into the mix.

If you’re interested in the AWWC, why not sign up? All it is is a commitment to write a certain number of reviews, which can be as few as my measely 6!! Go to http://australianwomenwriters.com/sign-up/ for more info.

Doing good so far with my reading – 6 out of 60, which puts me right on track. I will admit, I like to have a goal to aim for.

So, how about you? Read any good books lately? I’m open for recommendations!

Writers should be Readers Too
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