What good is power when you can’t save those you care about?

F’nyla is a foot soldier in the fae army, working to rid the land of the scourge of souls leaching from the third plane into her homeland, Byd-Tal’m.

She’s also secretly working with the outlawed faerie godmothers to close the leaching points altogether.

Then, in a moment close to death, she discovers her latent Blackdark abilities, and her life changes abruptly.

She’s a soul witch – an adept with a dark magic that has been illegal in Byd-Tal’m for centuries.

Now she has power she didn’t even know was possible; power she has to keep hidden from those she cares about.

But when her mentor is struck down with soul sickness, F’nyla will do anything to find the cure.

Even bring her illegal Blackdark powers right out into the open.

Blackdark – Arising is the first story in the Blackdark series, following the fortunes of F’nyla of Thrace as she learns her true heritage and joins the effort to save both Byd-Tal’m and Earth from catastrophe.



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