Under the Spotlight

Penny Davis has never told her friends about the summer holidays before Year Twelve, when she accidentally fell pregnant and had to have an abortion. But now the memories of that awful time are coming back to haunt her. And so, it seems, is the ghost from her community theatre.

Marc Cooper doesn’t believe in ghosts. And he only has one rule of dating since he lost his fiancé to suicide – no mental illness. Penny is amazing – cute, funny, and sexy as hell to make out with in the curtains behind the stage. Her panic attacks are nothing too serious, surely.

But as Penny’s attacks become more and more severe, Marc is forced to take notice, deciding his best course will be to break up with Penny, to protect his fragile heart.

Left to work out how she can win Marc back, as well as how to deal with a kleptomaniac ghost, Penny is lucky to have her friends to lean on.

But how can Penny have her own happily ever after, when she’s not sure she even deserves one?

The fourth book in the Perth Girls series, contemporary romance set in the beautiful city of Perth, Western Australia. 


Under the Spotlight
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