Miss Eleanor’s Enchantment

Miss Eleanor Huxley doesn’t really expect to have a happily ever after. She is nothing but a poor relative, companion to her cousin Hortense, and with a stutter like hers, she is never likely to find love.

But when she discovers Hortense has planned to disgrace the powerful Duke of Forrest, she is determined to stop her scheming cousin.

Sadly, she finds herself tongue-tied in the presence of the Duke, who is certain that he knows her from somewhere.  Of course he does, but Eleanor can’t tell him of their shared childhood kiss, or the tendre she has held for him since that day. And now, that she is a penniless orphan, winning the hand of a Duke seems even less likely.

It’s at times like these one could use a Fairy Godmother to save the day.

Coming July 2018



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Miss Eleanor’s Enchantment
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