Slingshot Chronicles

A young mechanic embarks on a quest to save the world one earth-shattering event at a time when she is conscripted to a motley team of time travelers in this light Science Fiction Adventure series.

Marra James is a practical-minded mechanic who likes nothing better than tinkering with broken things and shutting out the world.

Transported to a mysterious lab and offered a job as a time traveler, Marra declines, thinking it must be an elaborate prank.

But the people at Warriner Time and Fortune don’t have a sense of humor, neither are they the kind to take no for an answer.

Marra is stranded in Ancient Greece with a group of others who couldn’t form a cohesive team if their lives depended on it.

But that’s exactly what they’re going to have to do if they ever want to get home – form a crack team, solve a mystery, and save the world.


Estimated Release Date: 2019

Rating: PG | Mild Violence, Mild Language



Slingshot Chronicles
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