Flash Fiction 15 January 2017

Sorry everyone – we’ve gone a bit dark today!!


Don’t hold your breath.

She screwed up her eyes tight, and tried to breathe normally. All the way out.

But she couldn’t breathe back in.

Panic washed over her.

She couldn’t breathe back in.

Just do it. It will all be over soon.

Her head started swimming.

She swallowed. Then she swallowed again.

Come on. Do it.


No. I can’t.

She flung herself upright into a sitting position, water streaming from her, gasping for air.

Sh*t. Sh*t.

Her heart hurt, thumping in time with her head, and for a moment, she burned with shame.

Neither of us deserve this.

Then, she firmed her resolve. There was no other way out. She and the baby had to die. She just had to figure out the best way. Drowning wasn’t it.

Maybe she needed to borrow a gun.

Flash Fiction 15 January 2017
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