Flash Fiction 19 September 2016

“Mocha! Come here girl!”

My cat zoomed across the front lawn and in the door like a coffee-coloured bolt of lightning.

I went to close the door, but was arrested by an irritated sounding, “Hey!”

Looking around, I found my gorgeous new neighbour coming in my direction.

He’d been loads of fun to watch move in, with his muscles straining under his shirt as he lifted his stuff into his house. I’d spent hours hiding behind my curtain, staring and drooling. Now with him barrelling toward me, my heart fluttered and my mouth went dry.

But before I could regain my senses, he started to speak. “Your stupid cat ate all the ferns on my patio!”

My eyes narrowed. No one, and I mean no one picks on my cat.

“I doubt it. She doesn’t do that stuff.” No, really, she doesn’t.

“Well, it had to be her. There aren’t any other cats around here.” He glared at me,  thick arms crossed over his wide chest. I wondered what he expected me to do.

“Seriously? You know cats wander around right? And there are half a dozen cats in the complex. Come see me if you ever see Mocha doing something wrong, and I might have some time for you.”

I turned on my heel and walked inside. For a cute guy, he really was a douche. Mocha greeted me with a little chirp and wound herself around my legs.

“Awww. You’re so cute when you’re hungry.”

And I went to the kitchen to feed my one true love.


Flash Fiction 19 September 2016

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