Ernest Hemingway

Pen vs Keyboard – Brain Wars (or what happens in your brain when you write by hand)

What differences does it make in your brain if you write with a pen or type on a keyboard? Lots of writers believe that their creative juices flow more freely when they take to handwriting. I happen to be one of them. But is there any evidence that this is so? I wanted to know, […]

Five Things I’ve Learned about Being a Writer

They reckon every person has at least one novel in them. Even if this is true, many (or perhaps most) of us choose never to write that novel. We think our story will be boring or hackneyed. Maybe we struggle to put our thoughts into words on the paper or screen. Maybe we prefer to leave our […]

Yay! It’s finished! Now off to the publisher, right? Not quite…

The other day, I finished writing the manuscript for Perth Girls – The Quiet One.  It’s the first time I’ve actually finished a novel manuscript. There’s an incredibly strange bunch of feelings that goes along with finishing a manuscript. You’d think euphoria would be right there at the top.  And for five glorious seconds, it […]

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