How Do I Post A Review to Amazon?

Amazon insists that you spend $50 in your local store each year before they will permit you to leave reviews. For someone like me who buys 6 books at a time it’s never a problem. But for others, who rarely buy books or engage in online shopping, you may simply not be able to post to Amazon.

You will only be able to leave a review on your local store – so if you are in the UK, your review will be on, if you are in Australia, it will be on

If you have spent sufficient, leaving a review is as easy as searching for the name of the book in the big search bar at the top, clicking on the link to the book, and then scrolling down to the section titled Customer Reviews.

You will not be able to post a review on Amazon until the book’s publishing date – prior to that, you’ll get the message “This item is not eligible to be reviewed.” Simply hold off from posting your review until the publishing date which will be over on the right near the top of the page.




Happy reading (and reviewing)!


How Do I Post A Review to Amazon?

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