Indie Author Day – Free Books!

indie-author-dayThe 8th of October is Indie Author Day!! Time for us all to celebrate all things indie. And for indie authors to show just how freakin’ awesome they all are.

Even crazy romance writers.

What is an indie author? Well, we are those who have decided to take the path of publishing our own books. We might exclusively do this, or we might be ‘hybrid’ authors, who self-publish some, and traditionally publish others. We are the go-getters, the risk-takers, the self-flagellators…oh, I mean self-promoters…

We create top quality books, and we can get them into your hands for a better price than the traditional houses, because we don’t have a big office to run, or a thousand people to employ.

If you buy books on any of the devices, you’ve probably bought an indie book or two.

So, on the 8th of October, to celebrate Indie Author Day, me and the peeps from the Romance Writers/Readers Goodreads group have got together to offer you all FREE and CHEAP BOOKS!!


To check out the amazing goodies on offer, just swing over to and you’ll be swamped with a plethora of free and $0.99 goodies. Make sure you download them all on the 8th – by the next day it will all be over and done with!!

We have in fact been working out patooties off to make this event something grand and spectacular, and we hope that you support us, and all the other indie authors who are working hard to bring you quality books for great prices.

Have at it! Get the books! Read the romances! You know you want to…


Indie Author Day – Free Books!
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