Being Bitchy Is Fun!

Sometimes when I’m writing, I’ll put a little bitchiness in.  It’s loads of fun making people saccharine sweet, especially when they are surprised by it.  The manuscript I’m working on at the moment – Perth Girls – The Quiet One – features Lydia, who is a controlled, friendly and thoroughly nice person, whose claws get some exercise when she meets up with the horrible gallery owner, Cecilia, who is trying to get her claws into the delectable Tad:

“Tad, I see you’ve found a little friend,” a voice purred, and they were joined by Cecilia, whose face wore a fixed smile and enormous daggers in her eyes. “Don’t you want to introduce me?”
“You already know Lydia, Cec. You met her the other day at the gallery when she doused me in champagne. Lyddie, you remember Cecilia? She’s the curator at the Leopold Gallery.”
“Of course,” gushed Cecilia, eyeing Lydia up and down. “I remember. But I think you were dressed a little differently then.” Her laugh reflected her disdain for Lydia’s attire, but Lydia was ready for her.
“Yes, I usually dress appropriately for the situation. When I come here, it’s to relax and lounge about a bit, so jeans are much more appropriate than a… oh. I’ll bet it’s been difficult to sit on these low couches with that short skirt on. I can’t imagine why you chose to wear it when you knew you were coming to Grinders and Co.” Smiling sweetly at Cecilia, who fumed silently, she turned to Tad. “I’ll wait for you to finish with that contract, sweetheart, then we can think about where we will go next. Good to see you again Cecilia.”

As a very first draft, I kind of like this passage.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on it – can you tell that Lydia and Cecilia hate each other with a passion?

Being Bitchy Is Fun!
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